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Blog Series: Production scheduling as a competitive advantage

Driving customer satisfaction through agility.

  • Eric Kaufman
    November 18, 2016 by Eric Kaufman / 0 Comment

    Navigating Complexity: Problem or Opportunity?

    Companies are grappling with an ever increasing array of decisions, and in many instances are attempting to apply processes, methods, and tools that were developed in a bygone era of lower complexity. Their inability to cope with complexity is resulting in more unforeseen consequences, higher costs, and lost opportunities.

  • Edgar Aquino
    January 24, 2017 by Edgar Aquino / 0 Comment

    The New Customer Service Paradigm – Robots, Processes, and Technology

    Achieving a high customer service rating is one, if not, the most important business metric for any company. Consider powerhouse Amazon that is pioneering technology to consistently be ranked #1 in customer service with ‘less than 2% of survey respondents reporting a poor experience, and 59.4% reporting excellent customer service.’ Let those statistics sink in.