aspenONE Petroleum Supply Chain  | Workshop

Implement Planning and Scheduling Best Practices to Improve Plant Decision-Making

Do you want to maximize profitability and reduce operating costs?

Participate in a confidential, no-cost workshop customized to help your team identify opportunities for significant operational improvements.

Designed for refinery and olefins planners, schedulers and managers, this workshop will be led by a team of AspenTech experts.

Planning and scheduling can improve the profitability of your plant immensely. Learn how Aspen PIMS-AO™, Aspen Petroleum Scheduler™ and/or Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer™ software can help your organization achieve its goals. For existing customers, learn how to better utilize your existing tools with best practices.

Pre-Workshop Call

All attendees will participate in a pre-workshop conference call to discuss the agenda, select specific focus areas, determine the workshop duration (90 minutes – 4 hours) and estimate the number of participants.

At The Workshop

At the workshop, participants will review operational pain points and compare to best practice workflows and define the maturity level of the organization. The workshop will discuss barriers to improvement and evaluate potential value and estimate time requirements for software implementation. A variety of software will be showcased, including an introduction to Aspen PIMS-AO, Aspen Petroleum Scheduler, Aspen Refinery Multi-Blend Optimizer and their basic features. 


Based on feedback from the workshop, participants will select post-workshop focus areas to continue collaboration with AspenTech experts. Once the workshop is complete, feel free to share all materials with your organization for further review across your team(s).

Only a limited number of workshops are available. Don’t miss out!

Once you’ve requested a workshop, we’ll assist you in scheduling.