aspenONE Petroleum Supply Chain | PIMS How-To Video Series

AspenTech’s PIMS software is a plant optimization tool. It is widely established as the best in the industry.

This video series provides an easy way for new users to learn the software quickly and effectively.

  • Aspen PIMS How-To 01 - Basic Navigation

    This video covers the basics of PIMS, including navigation and menus. 

  • Aspen PIMS How-To 02 - Archiving Your Model

    This video covers more on the basics of PIMS: how to archive your model. 

  • Aspen PIMS How-To 03 - Basic Case Setup

    This video covers more on the basics of PIMS: how to setup and run cases. 

  • Aspen PIMS How-To 04 - Reporting

    This video covers how to generate, find, and read reports in Aspen PIMS.

  • Aspen PIMS How-To 05 - Basic Tables

    This video provides a brief overview of 11 common tables that are used in PIMS.

  • Aspen PIMS How-to 06 - Submodels

    This video is the first in the second chapter, covers the details of process submodel tables. 

  • Aspen PIMS How-To 07 - Submodels continued

    This video continues the second chapter, covering more details of process submodels, especially Base-Delta Submodels.