Slow problem solving reduces profit and strains resources. Support Lean Daily Management practices with end-to-end visibility and a consolidated view of production that enables fast decision making and problem solving.

Git ‘er Done

Better, Faster Decisions Drive Operational Excellence

In a recent whitepaper, “Data Visualization & Analytics: Six Keys to Unlocking Operational Excellence”, I outlined some key methods to unlocking operational excellence in the process industries. One of those methods was Rapid Problem Solving Skills. Quick action shortens the duration of a production problem and yet few companies measure and track the response times of their team.

  • Rapid Problem Solving

    SMEs and lean daily management teams need tools and processes to quickly identify and resolve production impediments. Slow responses increase the duration and severity of negative events.

  • Visualization

    Visualization transforms raw data into information that carries meaning, assists decision-making and generates knowledge and wisdom. MES, with strong visualization, can drive annual improvements that amount to 3% of production (on average).

  • Asset Effectiveness

    Be proactive about getting the most from existing assets. Track asset effectiveness and drill down to the core issues with overall equipment effectiveness.

  • Production Analytics

    Context comes from capturing the reasons for movement in the data. For chemical plants and refineries, that context comes from merging process time series data with product characteristics, alarm data and operator and engineering comments.