It’s difficult to amass and condition data from numerous sources. With an improved data foundation, process and production engineers can reduce the time and effort required to gather and prepare data for analysis.

Process Data Management:

It’s as exciting as doing the laundry

I guess everyone has that chore they hate doing. Mine is laundry. I approach it with dread. I feel the same way about preparing data for analysis. It drives me crazy that with 30+ years of computer aided manufacturing experience under our belts we still struggle mightily with merging data from multiple systems and cleaning the data prior to analysis.

  • MES Data Foundation

    Collect, merge, store and retrieve data from multiple sources to create a complete picture of production operations

  • It Starts With The World's Best Historian

    Not all historians were created equal. Digital manufacturing creates the big data problem of a greater volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data. Aspen InfoPlus.21® has the power and scalability to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

  • Seamlessly Merge Process Time Series Data With Batch Data

    Context results from combining lab, asset, maintenance and unstructured data, along with other sources. MES solutions, including Aspen Production Record Manager (APRM) from AspenTech, deliver complete and contextualized data touch points that support faster, better decisions.

  • Master Data Management

    Keep everything synchronized by creating and sharing one set of master data. Avoid conflicting recipes, product definitions and other problems that arise when critical definitions are not centrally managed.