Manufacturing requires consistency achieved through well-defined processes orchestrated into workflows and supported by information. Identify the critical things that must be monitored, responded to and continuously improved using Lean Daily Management practices.

Visualization and Analysis for Lean Daily Management

Can you reach high levels of operational excellence through better problem solving?

All too often in manufacturing a lot of attention is paid to ad hoc problem solving. However, there isn’t necessarily equal focus on the needs of “lean daily management.” For those of you not steeped in the history of all things lean, let’s start with a definition from the Lean Enterprise Institute. Here’s their description of the differences between ad hoc problem solving and lean daily management.

  • Supporting Lean Daily Management

    Drive operational excellence with lean daily management and better, faster problem solving.

  • Quickly Find and Access Data

    Deploy asset hierarchies. Use search to find data, trends, graphics, models and related content – anywhere in the enterprise.

  • Share, Collaborate, Add Context, and Preserve Knowledge

    Capture unstructured data to create context, improve problem solving and capture best practices.

  • What Gets Measured Gets Managed

    Configure dashboards in mere minutes with a set of layout templates for simple and quick configuration. Quickly access your favorite trends, tag lists and graphics with tabbed content templates.