Ensure better and faster decisions with real-time access and visibility to production information, execution of production workflow, and integration of planned schedules with actual batch production.

Integrating Batch Processing in a Continuous Processing Culture

It would be hard not to have noticed the shift towards specialty chemicals. More and more, companies that have traditionally been focused on bulk and intermediate chemicals are ramping up their margins by adding specialty chemicals to their portfolios. While there is some continuous processing in the front end of many batch processes, it’s primarily a batch business. So how do you successfully merge batch into your existing operations? Start at the bottom and work your way up.

aspenONE Process Explorer delivers powerful visualization and analysis capabilities for the process industries. It helps production, quality, environmental and process engineers remediate and avoid events that limit production profitability, and delivers the real-time information needed for continuous improvement.

  • Electronic Batch Records

    Aspen Production Record Manager software provides easy and fast segmentation of production data into batches, campaigns or other logical groupings for easier analysis and production reporting.

  • Consistent Execution

    Easily orchestrate your production processes with Aspen Production Execution ManagerTM software. With workflow, order and recipe management according to cGMP guidelines, ensure operational consistency for improved yields, higher quality and lower production costs.