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December 06, 2016 by Robert Golightly / 0 Comment
Robert GoLightly

Who Needs Another IT/OT Headache

With all of the challenges facing IT/OT organizations, spending time on desktop software upgrades is not top of the list. Yeah, it has to be done– but, wait, that’s not true.
I’m talking specifically about desktop software supporting engineers, production operations staff and other MES users that need data visualization and analysis tools. In many chemicals and energy companies it’s not uncommon to have thousands of these users across hundreds of sites spread out around the globe. 
With that many desktops to support, the time and cost adds up. With new technologies, like HTML-5, it’s possible to build visualization and analysis software that is purely web-based – and without sacrificing the power and performance the users’ have grown accustomed to.
Are the benefits worth the switching costs? YES! This image depicts a case study involving a global chemicals company and the rollout costs for desktop visualization. It takes weeks if not months to plan and execute upgrades. We’re talking serious money here, folks.  As the study indicates, they saved over $2M just by switching to the new aspenONE Process Explorer. And it’s not just the cost savings: they now can view information on a range of devices. They can share information without running back to their desk to pound out a report. They have better access, more power, mobility and a reduced cost of ownership. Sounds great, right?  
Want to know more? Watch our new video Why Migrate to aspenONE Process Explorer?


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