Introducing AspenTech Asset Performance Management (APM)

Hear from Antonio Pietri, President and CEO of AspenTech, on his vision for a holistic approach to reducing unplanned downtime and increasing asset optimization.

White Paper: Creating a World that Doesn’t Break Down

Reducing unplanned downtime and increasing asset utilization are the single biggest opportunities for financial improvement in production operations. It’s a $20 billion USD problem for the process industries. Learn more by downloading the white paper.

White Paper

Predict, Prescribe, Profit: Creating a World that Doesn’t Break Down

Millions are being spent on new maintenance solutions. However, these maintenance solutions are focused on normal wear and tear, when in fact 80 percent of potential failures are not wear-based. Learn about new ways to eliminate unplanned downtime!

White Paper

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Webinar | Improve Reliability of Process Assets with Prescriptive Analytics: Get Results Today | 14 June, 2017 | 10:00 AM EDT

Using the latest prescriptive analytics and predictive modeling solutions, organizations extend the life of aging equipment, increase uptime and achieve optimal process performance that surges profitability. Register now to hear from Peter Reynolds at ARC Advisory on how to get results from prescriptive analytics today!

Gartner APM Report

APM Strategies for Increased Reliability

View the report “Gartner Market Guide: Asset Performance Management” to learn why Gartner recognized AspenTech. AspenTech Asset Performance Management enables technologies such as advanced analytics, algorithms, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT). Explore new methods to maximize equipment uptime with prescriptive analytics!


Gartner Market Guide for Asset Performance Management

CIOs in utilities and other asset-intensive organizations can use this research to support the development of enterprise APM strategies. APM is a key element of the foundational technology that can help their organizations achieve higher levels of operational reliability, safety and efficiency. View now to explore the rest of this APM market guide.

Gartner Market Guide

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Power of Prescriptive Maintenance

“Automation also can help identify issues before something critical fails. Finding problems as early as possible helps improve asset management,” says CSX Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Cindy Sanborn. Read this article to learn more about CSX’s exciting project with Mtell, which uses patented machine learning technologies with industrial assets to perform predictive maintenance which no longer runs parts to failure.

  • Early predictions of upsets with guidance on root cause and management.

  • Recognize and prioritize reliability issues. Know the cost impact of outages.

  • Identify issues earlier to prevent costly unplanned equipment downtime.


Blog Series:

Creating a World That Doesn’t Break Down

Learn from our APM experts how to navigate through the next generation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies that make your organization prescriptive and profitable.

“AspenTech’s new Asset Analytics contains a unique set of modeling and data science-based technologies. Utilizing the additional process insight available from this promising new software solution brings with it the potential to operate closer to the true flooding limit on this tower. For a world scale olefins unit, this would be worth millions of dollars per year.” — LyondellBasell