DMC3 | Virtual APC Workshops

Come see what you can do with Adaptive Process Control

Participate in a hands-on, instructor-guided workshop to help your team identify opportunities for significant operational improvements.  

There are two APC workshops to choose from based on your organization’s needs.

These workshops begin on March 21, 2017 – reserve your spot today!

Virtual Workshop APC 220: Sustain Peak Performance and Reduce Maintenance Workload

This half-day workshop allows you to experience hands-on use of Adaptive Process Control technology within Aspen DMC3™, enabling best-in-class maintenance and deployment workflows. See how Calibrate mode enables background step testing and model updates without disrupting the process.

During the workshop, we will showcase how to proactively identify a controller’s performance and model quality issues, configure and use Calibrate mode to generate high quality background step test data and continuously monitoring and improving models through the adaptive workflow.

Virtual Workshop APC 221: Controller Tuning and Robustness

This half-day workshop illustrates how to lower the barrier to controller maintenance and deployment by experiencing hands on use of Smart Tune and Robustness features available in Aspen DMC3.

See how you can use Smart Tune to drastically simplify controller tuning and preserve controller strategy even when the models change. Learn how to improve controller robustness using Aspen DMC3 robust feature.