在线研讨会:aspenONE APC V10有哪些新功能?

2017年9月7日,星期四 | 北京时间 下午3:00

aspenONE先进过程控制(APC)V10的新功能可在整个工作范围内保持模型准确。此外,增强的智能整定技术(Smart Tune),以提供更高的灵活性,而且Aspen DMC3 Builder™也经过改进,以进一步简化项目工作流程。 欢迎观看新功能的演示,包括: • 可缩放的动态响应和可变死区时间 • 基于CV优化的智能整定技术 • 改进原本错综复杂的工作流程并支持数组在线计算

Live Webinar

What's New in aspenONE APC V10?

aspenONE Advanced Process Control (APC) V10 contains new functionality that keeps models accurate across the entire operating range. Additionally, Smart Tune has been enhanced to provide more flexibility, and improvements were made in Aspen DMC3 Builder™ to further simplify project workflow.

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