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October 10, 2016 by Janet Jackson / 0 Comment

How to Customize Share Buttons with ShareThis


How xx to Customize Share Buttons with ShareThis

The following instructions will teach you how to customize your share buttons within our widget. You can use any custom image or text for your ShareThis buttons!

Default Button

Below is the default ShareThis button implementation.


Source code:

<> class="st_sharethis_large" displaytext="ShareThis" st_processed="yes">
<> class="st_facebook_large" displaytext="Facebook" st_processed="yes">
<> class="st_twitter_large" displaytext="Twitter" st_processed="yes">
<> class="st_linkedin_large" displaytext="LinkedIn" st_processed="yes">
<> class="st_email_large" displaytext="Email" st_processed="yes">
<> class="st_fblike_large" displaytext="Facebook Like" st_processed="yes">
<> class="st_plusone_large" displaytext="Google +1" st_processed="yes">
<> class="st_pinterest_large" displaytext="Pinterest" st_processed="yes">