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Allison McNulty


Houston is beautiful in the spring. Although my azaleas began blooming in early February, spring has now officially started, which is why we are springing into action at AspenTech! On April 25th and 26th, we will be hosting our global conference OPTIMIZE™ 2017. While we always love spending time with our customers, this biennial event is particularly exciting.

Here are a few reasons why:


1. We will formally present our new software suite, AspenTech Asset Performance Management (APM), during the APM track starting with an opening presentation by Peter Reynolds from ARC Advisory Group.

2. Our early adopters will share their experiences using APM, including CSX, Dow, INVISTA and   Evonik.

3. This conference will take place in my hometown of Houston, Texas, (and home to many of our customers) at the newly-minted Marriott Marquis, a hotel that boasts a lazy river which is shaped like – you guessed it – Texas. As we like to say, “Everything is bigger and better in Texas!” 


Thought leaders from across the globe will gather for this two-day event to discuss production and operational optimization and how to drive profitability for their organizations. If you are interested in learning more about our global conference, our new software suite or how we are helping to create a world that doesn’t break down using predictive and prescriptive analytics, feel free to email me at We hope to see you there!


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    The Science of Maintenance Will Revolutionize Asset Management

    Over our long history of serving the process industries, we have seen complex, capital-intensive companies optimize design and operations through digital strategies to great benefit. Optimization has penetrated almost everything — from initial plant and asset design, to the operations management of individual sites and global multi-location systems.

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    Deep Machine Learning: Predicting Assets and The Process

    Deep Learning involves a set of algorithms that can decompose patterns into successively simpler layers which identify lower and lower levels of common patterns. This technique is computational very intense, but can produce more accurate results with less labeled events needed for training.

  • Allison McNulty
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    ARC Forum 2017– “The Future is Now”

    I am a big believer in continuing education. Whether it is learning how to use the latest iPhone update or an entirely new product line, there is always something to learn. Even though it is hard to leave the office, I think it is important to ‘sharpen the saw’ when you can. Thankfully, the ARC Forum did not disappoint.